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Sender email ID#

BI Helper uses the email account specified in ‘From email’ as the sender email ID. Once you enter the sender email ID in this box, BI Helper sends an authorization request to the email account, which you need to approve in order to allow BI Helper to use it for your report campaigns.

Emails sent from BI Helper have a high trust factor because they originate from AWS. These emails do not need to be whitelisted and are not classified as spam by receiving mail servers, ensuring that your reports are delivered as intended.

Disabling emails#

If you want to generate PDF reports but NOT send them, simply turn OFF the ‘Send emails’ button in the Send Email tab.

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Attaching images to email#

Please use the Attach Image icon in the mail formatting menu to add images to your email.

Please do NOT copy an email/image from another HTML client to the BI Helper email body. Copy-pasted emails/images from another client are added in inline embedded format, which does not work well with webmail services and is blocked completely by Microsoft Outlook.

Email deliverability issues#

In case emails are taking time or are not being delivered, please check with your IT team. In a few cases the spoofing filter enabled at your organization's firewall stops the emails from being delivered. Please rea the next section on the steps to resolve the email issues.

Understanding BI Helper Email format#

Please refer to this section in case of email deliverability issues.

Whitelist From Header#

Amazon SES emails are compliant with the Internet Message Format specification (RFC 5322). The following header fields are sent with every email (please look for email details and don't go by what the email client shows you):

  1. From: The email address from which the email is sent.
  2. Reply-To: The email address to which replies will be sent. By default, replies are sent to the original sender's email address
  3. Return-Path: The email address to which message bounces and complaints should be sent.

"From" header will always be set to the email id you specify in BI Helper.

If facing deliverability issues, please get the "From" header whitelisted.

The MAIL FROM domain will be -

Whitelist Mail From Domain#

For BI Helper Premium and Enterprise license tiers, the "Mail From" domain can be whitelisted, using a custom MAIL FROM domain. Here we will whitelist your subdomain. In this case, the emails will be sent to you via 'your-subdomain' instead of via amazonses com.