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BI Helper is a cloud-based application to automate the generation and distribution of PDF reports from Power BI and Tableau. BI Helper is secure, scalable and simple to use, and is a comprehensive solution to deliver your reports to your users, whether inside your organization or outside it.

Getting Started#

  • Create your BI Helper account at You can either create an account in BI Helper or log in with your Google / Okta credentials.

  • Upon sign in, you will be taken to the Job Summary tab in BI Helper. Select Add New Job to move to the Job Configuration section where you need to accept the BI Helper End User License Agreement (EULA) and proceed to create your first job (report campaign).

  • Fill in the job configuration details in the Schedule Report, Generate PDF and Send Email tabs in BI Helper. Save your settings, return to the Job Summary tab and run the job. Your users will receive their PDF reports as email attachments in their inboxes in a few minutes.


In the Job Summary tab, please refer to the Retail Sales Report demo. It is a full function BI Helper report generation and distribution campaign, which will deliver PDF reports to your selected mail recipients. Run the demo to understand how BI Helper works.

Key Features#

  • Secure cloud-based application hosted in AWS US East Region
  • Centralized distribution of PDF reports as attachments to full HTML emails
  • Scheduled or on-demand PDF and email campaign execution
  • PDF report generation and email campaigns independent of each other; review reports before dispatch
  • API integration / manual upload of slicer and filter values, contact email IDs, dynamic report name and email subject
  • Detailed campaign monitoring and logging
  • Campaign failure alerts and automatic retries