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Report Access and Security

Report Storage#

BI Helper saves the generated PDF reports in Amazon S3. Data retention periods are license specific:

  • Standard license: No data retention. PDFs are deleted immediately after the emails are sent.

  • Premium license: PDFs are retained for 5 days to allow users time to run their SFTP downloads and are deleted thereafter.

  • Enterprise license: PDF retention configured to user requirements.

File Security and User Access to PDFs#

When a new client is onboarded, a new location is created in our AWS S3 where their PDFs are stored. At no stage are the PDFs of one client visible to any other client. Further, the files in Amazon S3 are AES 256 encrypted and users may provide their own keys to encrypt their data. The S3 buckets are always private and their data policy changes are strictly enforced.

Designated client folders are created on a dedicated SFTP server, mapped to the client’s AWS S3 location. Users are provided with access credentials to the SFTP server, to download their files within the data retention periods defined by their licensing tiers. The SFTP server is whitelisted and not publicly accessible on the internet.

More Information on Security#

Many other industry standard security features are built into BI Helper. Please write to or for more information.