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API Documentation

BI Helper provides two types of API Integrations:

  • Fetch the filter/slicer and contact values from the customer's API

    • Use case: In your organization, you have slicers -> contacts mapped and this mapping is being continuously updated. You need to run your report distribution using this data.
      With continuously changing data, manual methods to achieve the above are time-consuming and error-prone.

    • Solution User needs to expose an API from your reporting application which provides the slicers -> contacts mapping, and BI Helper will automatically pull this information when the job runs in BI Helper.

  • BI Helper APIs which can be called by any user

    • Use case You want to trigger BI Helper’s report distribution as a reaction to a certain event in your organization or maybe you want to make report distribution a downstream step of one of your process.

    • Solution BI Helper exposes its APIs which can be called by your application.
      With the API Integrations, BI Helper works as an extension of your applications and your business logic.