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BI Helper APIs

Use case#

You want to trigger BI Helper’s report distribution as a reaction to a certain event in your organization or maybe you want to make report distribution a downstream step of one of your process.


Create Job#

Create and setup a job using BI Helper UI. Once job setup is complete, you can start using the APIs. Job creation is not available via the APIs. Please Sign In into your Microsoft Account or add Tableau Personal Access Token and Secret while setting up the job.

Authentication (BI Helper)#

Generate a BI Helper API token by calling the Get Authentication API. The API will return a token. This token has to be passed to all the subsequent API calls by adding the token to the Authorization header.

Authorization: Bearer <Auth Token>

User Agent Header#

Please make sure to set the User-Agent header. Not doing so will result in 403.

User-Agent: curl/7.68.0

Supported APIs#

Following APIs are supported by BI Helper:

  • Get Authentication Token
  • Get All Jobs In your account
  • Get Job Details
  • Edit a job
  • Run a job
  • Stop Job Execution
  • Stop All Executions of a Job
  • Job Execution Status
  • Job Execution Status - Last 15 executions