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Get Job Details

Get details of a job for a given job_id. job_id parameter can be obtained from the Get All User Jobs API.


URL:{job_id}Method: GET


AuthorizationBearer Auth_TokenAuth token
User-Agentcurl/7.68.0Set user agent header

Curl Request#

curl --location --request GET '' \--header 'Authorization: Bearer Auth_Token' \--header 'User-Agent: curl/7.68.0' 


Sample response:

{  "id": 443,  "name": "API Demo Job",  "isActive": true,  "lastRun": null,  "nextRun": "2020-05-20T19:58:16",  "timeZone": "Etc/GMT",  "status": "READY",  "jobDuration": 0,  "jobRunFrequency": "MONTHLY",  "userJobStartTime": "2020-05-20T19:58:16",  "userId": 6,  "userReportGenerationTasks": [    {      "id": 433,      "name": "NOT CONFIGURED",      "isActive": true,      "lastRun": null,      "nextRun": null,      "timeZone": "America/New_York",      "status": null,      "jobDuration": null,      "userWorkspace": "My workspace",      "userWorkspaceId": "MY_WORKSPACE",      "userReportName": "Retail Sales Report",      "reportType": "REPORTS",      "generateSamples": false,      "userJobId": 443,      "pbiUserName": "7AmKogAOK4KFgM4VT+e5o080MN990Z/ng0I0ozRZKq0=",      "pbiPassword": "5sw13cfs2ZKKpP/cKDRA9hybHluBScAyyX9Z97LYSrc=",      "reportRunPeriod": "LAST_MONTH",      "scriptName": "NewJob_443",      "filePrefix": "Retail Sales Report",      "reportUrl": "",      "dataIngestionMode": "MANUAL",      "numberOfLoops": 10,      "timeout": 30,      "transparentBackground": false,      "pagesToPrint": "All",      "pageSize": "1280*720",      "generateExcel": false,      "listOfExcelVisuals": "All",      "shouldPDFBeGenerated": true,      "reportDateField": null,      "userReportGenerationFilterData": [        {          "id": 50325,          "startDate": null,          "endDate": null,          "isActive": true,          "filterName": "District Manager <> Store/DM",          "filterValue": "Andrew11 Ma",          "contacts": null,          "toEmail": "",          "ccEmail": null,          "bccEmail": null,          "userReportGenerationTasksId": 433        },        {          "id": 50326,          "startDate": "2020-06-24T02:55:51",          "endDate": "2020-06-24T02:55:51",          "isActive": true,          "filterName": "District Manager <> Store/DM",          "filterValue": "Allan11 Guinot",          "contacts": "",          "toEmail": "",          "ccEmail": null,          "bccEmail": null,          "userReportGenerationTasksId": 433        },        {          "id": 50327,          "startDate": "2020-06-24T02:55:51",          "endDate": "2020-06-24T02:55:51",          "isActive": true,          "filterName": "District Manager <> Store/DM",          "filterValue": "Ishan Rastogi",          "contacts": "",          "toEmail": "",          "ccEmail": null,          "bccEmail": null,          "userReportGenerationTasksId": 433        }      ]    }  ],  "userEmailTasks": [    {      "id": 426,      "name": "Email Task Default Name",      "isActive": true,      "lastRun": null,      "nextRun": null,      "timeZone": "America/New_York",      "status": null,      "jobDuration": null,      "taskRunTime": null,      "userJobId": 443,      "fromEmail": "BI Helper Demo <>",      "isEmailVerified": true,      "clientEmailTemplateName": null,      "testCampaign": false,      "emailTitle": "BI Helper Report",      "emailBody": "<div>Hi,</div><div><br></div><div>Please find attached a PDF of your report <strong>without</strong> any slicers or filters applied.</div><div><br></div><div>To add slicers or filters to your report, please refer to the following documents:</div><div><br></div><ul><li><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Configure your BI Helper job with slicers or filters</a></li><li><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Product Guide</a></li></ul><div><br></div><div>For any assistance, please email</div><div><br></div><div>Thank you,</div><div><img src=\"\" width=\"101\"></div>",      "emailSignature": null    }  ]}